20 Cool iPhone Tips and Tricks You Probably Don't Know But Should

Apple keeps coming up with revolutionary devices and better iOS versions to give its users an unmatched experience. Though, it doesn’t always publicize every new feature and allow its users to discover them afterward. If you are using an iPhone, then chances are that there could be plenty of iPhone tricks that you won’t be aware of. In this post, we will make you familiar with some of the best iPhone tips and tricks that are sure to change your smartphone experience.

To help you, we have segregated these iPhone tips into different categories. Let’s get it started and cover them one by one.

Part 1. iPhone Security Tips

1. Secure Alphanumeric code

To start with, you need to ensure that your phone is protected. This can be done by replacing the old passcode with a new alphanumeric code. Simply go to your phone’s Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. From here, choose the option of Custom Alphanumeric Code.

custom alphanumeric code

2. Use Two-factor Authentication

To make sure that no one else is able to access your Apple ID, you need to take some added measures. It can be done by enabling the two-factor authentication. Go to your phone’s Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security and turn on the option for “Two-factor Authentication”.

two factor authentication

3. Disable Siri from Lock Screen

When you are not around, anyone can use Siri on your phone without unlocking it. This can further lead to a security threat. Therefore, you should turn off this option by visiting Settings > Touch ID and Passcode and disabling the option of “Siri”. Afterward, to access Siri, you need to unlock your device first.

disable siri from lock screen

Part 2. iPhone Communication Tips

1. Create custom iMessage Replies

After looking at some security iPhone tips and tricks, let’s dive into messaging. You might already know that you can respond to calls with text messages. Though, you can also create custom messages as reply too. Go to Settings > Phone > Reply with Text and enter a custom message as a reply to calls you can’t take.

custom imessage replies

2. Quick access to symbols

While typing, it is observed that most of the users switch back and forth between the alphabetic and numeric keyboards. With these iPhone tricks, you would be able to type text messages in a faster way. Simply long press a key to access various symbols associated with it. Tap on it in order to access the message.

quick access to symbols

3. Get notified for replies

There are times when we miss out of an important reply. With these iPhone tips, you won’t make this mistake. Simply select the “Notify me” option in a message thread or mail. Whenever you get a reply on that thread, you will be notified distinctively.

notify me

4. Know when a message was sent

One of the best iPhone tricks is that you can easily see a timestamp for the message without much trouble. Simply open a message thread on iMessage and swipe right. This will show the exact time the message was sent.

show message sent time

5. Enable Speak Selection to listen to your texts

There are times when we can’t read our texts (mostly while driving). There are plenty of iPhone tips and tricks that can make things easier for you. To start with, you can enable the option for Speak Selection by visiting Settings > General > Accessibility. Now, just select a text and let your phone speak it to you.

enable speak selection

6. Use keyboard shortcuts

If you wish to increase your typing speed, then take the assistance of various keyboard shortcuts. You can turn them on/off by visiting Settings > Keyboard > Shortcut. Now, go to “Text Replacement” and add a keyboard shortcut. For instance, replacing the double space with period is one of the widely used preset shortcuts for iPhone.

keyboard shortcuts

7. Create custom vibrations

While you might already know how to set custom ringtones for your contacts, the idea of custom vibrations could be new to you. You can create a new vibration and assign it to any contact. To do it, go to your phone’s Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create new vibration and tap your finger to make custom vibrations.

create custom vibrations

Part 3. iPhone Camera Tips

1. Adjust the exposure and focus lock

To focus on a particular area of a shot, you can set its AE and AF lock. This will help you click better pictures in less time. Just hold the screen and tap on the certain area until you see the AE/AF feature. Later, you can simply move it to adjust the focus and exposure.

adjust exposure

2. Applying a grid overlay

Most of the photographers use the rule of grid (thirds) while clicking images. You can also apply a grid overlay on your images and adjust the subject. Turn on the “Grid” feature on your phone’s Camera setting. By this way, you would be able to move the grids while clicking a picture.

apply grid overlay

3. Adjust brightness and contrast

To make the most out of your device’s camera, these iPhone tips will certainly help you. Go to the “More” settings on your camera while clicking pictures and manually adjust various parameters like brightness, contrast, exposure, and more.

adjust brightness and contrast

4. Take photos while recording a video

There are times when we miss clicking pictures while recording a video. After learning these iPhone tricks, you would be able to click pictures while recording. All you got to do is just tap on the shutter icon (nearby the stop recording icon). This will click a picture without stopping the recording.

take photos while recording

Part 4. General iPhone tips

1. Scheduled DND Mode

Most of the iOS users don’t know that they can also schedule the DND mode as per their convenience. For instance, if there is a fixed time for your run, driving, meeting, etc. then you can just schedule the mode and stay focused. To do this, go to Settings > Do not Disturb and turn on the “Scheduled” option. From here, you can set the specific schedule.

schedule dnd mode

2. Call reminders

There are times when we disconnect a phone and forget to call back afterward. With these iPhone tips and tricks, you can certainly say goodbye to that hassle. Whenever you get a call, just tap on the “Remind me” button. Select the time for the reminder to make sure you get back to the caller whenever you have time.

call reminder

3. Set up Medical ID

In the case of an emergency, if you are not around to open your phone’s passcode, then there should be a way to know your medical stats. To do this, firstly set up your detailed Medical ID by visiting the Health app. Afterward, go to the Emergency Access settings and turn on the Medical ID option to appear when the phone is locked.

setup medical id

4. Shake to undo typing

This is one of the easiest iPhone tips of all. While typing, if you wish to delete your text, then you can just shake your phone a little. It will undo the typed message while saving your time.

shake to undo typing

5. Get Flash Alerts

Never miss a notification by setting flash alerts. This will let you know of a call or message when you are busy or listening to music. Turn the “LED Flash for Alerts” option on under the Accessibility settings for this.

get flash alerts

6. Multiple uses of the compass app

This is one of the best-kept iPhone tips and tricks. One can simply swipe right or left the compass app interface to access various tools. For instance, it can be used to calibrate something, as a leveler, a Gyroscope, etc.

compass app

We are sure that these amazing iPhone tricks will certainly change the way you use your smartphone. Go ahead and implement some of these iPhone tips and tricks now and make the most out of your iOS device.

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