Complete Guide to Syncing iPhone Contacts

The very first step after buying a brand new iPhone is to transfer data from the old device to the new one. People can probably wait for some time to transfer their photos or videos, but not for contacts. As without contacts, the iPhone will not be useful for the exact purpose it was created, i.e. for calling. One can remember their family’s contact number but it isn’t possible to remember the number of every relative and friend. People want to learn how to sync contacts on iPhone so that they don’t have to add every contact manually. As this process will take quite a time and nowadays no one has that liberty. Here in this article, you can find various ways to transfer iPhone contacts to iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac, and Android.

Part 1: One-click solution to sync iPhone contacts to iPhone/iPad/Android phone

When transferring contacts from iPhone to other iPhone/iPad/Android, you would probably want a fast and quick method. Use dr.fone - Switch to sync contacts iPhone with other devices. dr.fone - Switch, a utility from Wondershare lets easy syncing contacts and other data between two mobile devices. It doesn’t matter whether the two devices are iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android etc.

dr.fone - Switch is compatible with most of the iOS version and can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac computer. One can sync data cross-platform between each other like iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, etc. Moreover, the transfer speed is the fastest when it comes to iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to Android transfers. Below are the steps you can use to sync iPhone contacts with other devices using dr.fone - Switch -

dr.fone - Switch

Effective Solution to Sync Contacts (iPhone)

  • Easy, fast and safe.
  • Move data between devices with the same or different operating systems, i.e iOS to Android.
  • Supports iOS devices that run the latest iOS 11 New icon
  • Transfer photos, text messages, contacts, notes, and many other file types.
  • Supports over 8000+ Android devices. Works for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,556,167 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Launch the dr.fone utility on the computer and click on Switch option from the main screen.

launch dr.fone utility

Step 2: Connect the source iPhone as well as destination iPhone/iPad/Android phone to the computer using USB cables. Wait for it to detect the device.

Step 3: When the devices are detected successfully, the next screen will display the source and destination device. They will be listed as such and if wrong, you can correct their position with the “Flip” button.

Step 4: Select the type of data to sync i.e. contacts in this case and click on “Start Transfer” button. You can also check the clear data before copy to delete the existing device on the target device.

select the contacts data type

Step 5: Wait for the process to complete and click “OK” on the notification message.

Part 2: Sync contacts between iPhone and PC/Mac

Syncing contacts between iPhone and iPhone or iPhone to Android is all well and good, but this way it isn’t possible to make a backup of contacts. If by some chance you lost your device, it won’t possible to retrieve the contacts on the new device if you haven’t backed it up. If you want to sync contacts from Mac to iPhone or vice-versa, dr.fone - Transfer is the best tool.

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

How to Sync Contacts on iPhone with PC/Mac? Here is the Best Solution.

  • Transfer, manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc from one smartphone to another.
  • Transfer media files between iOS devices and iTunes.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iPod.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,919,692 people have downloaded it

With dr.fone - Transfer, one can make a backup of their iPhone data and contacts without iTunes. The backup data can later be retrieved on the same or the other iPhone. Not just contacts, it is possible to backup every type of data on the iPhone like audio, video, images, messages, apps, etc. it also allows the selective transfer, meaning one can choose which contacts to sync and which not unlike dr.fone - Switch that syncs all contacts on a device. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS version 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Follow the below steps to learn how to sync contacts from Mac to iPhone using dr.fone - Transfer -

Step 1: Launch dr.fone iOS toolkit on Mac and click “Transfer” from the home screen.

start the toolkit

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the Mac using the USB cable and let the dr.fone -Transfer to detect and prepare the device.

Step 3: Click on the “Information” tab at the navigation bar and then on “Contacts” option in the left-pane.

Step 4: Then, click on “Import” and then choose the backup file stored at a particular location. You have to choose a backup file that you had already created before. This will sync the contact backup on Mac to the iPhone.

import contacts

Step 5: Similarly if you want to sync iPhone contacts to Mac and create a backup, select the contacts and click on “Export” button and then the type of Export file.

export contacts

Part 3: How to sync iPhone contacts with Google account?

Making a backup of the contacts on the PC or Mac, but there is still a chance that the backup files getting corrupted or deleted due to a virus infection of a system crash. So, you have to sync the contacts with a cloud service like iCloud or Google. The advantage with Google syncing is that one can easily import the contacts on non-iOS devices too. Follow the steps below to accomplish the task of syncing iPhone contacts with Google Account/Gmail -

Step 1: Open the settings on the iPhone and click on “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.

Step 2: Now, click on the “Add Account” option and it will display all the emails supported on the iPhone.

Step 3: Select Google from the list and enter the valid Gmail ID and password.

select google account

Step 4: In the next screen, toggle the contacts button to “On” position and this will start the syncing process.

toggle contacts on

Part 4: How to sync iPhone contacts to iCloud?

Previously iPhone users wanted to learn how to sync contacts from iPhone to iTunes every time they wanted to make a backup their device. But now with iCloud, the process has become a lot simpler. Apple developed iCloud, the file syncing service to make the syncing process easier and convenient. The iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage space to users which they can use to store contacts, photos, videos or another type of data. Follow the steps if you want to sync iPhone contacts with iCloud -

Step 1: Open Settings app on the iPhone by tapping on the gear icon in the app drawer.

Step 2: Then you need to tap on your name and then “iCloud” for iOS above 10.2. For iOS 10.2 and below, directly tap on the “iCloud” in the Settings.

Step 3: Sign in with the iCloud ID and password.

Step 4: Then find and toggle the “Contacts” switch to ON.

switch contacts option on

Step 5: after this, scroll down and tap on “Storage and Backup”.

tap Storage and Backup

Step 6: Turn on the iCloud backup switch and then tap on “Backup Now”. This will start the backup process and it will take some time to complete depending on the internet speed.

back up contacts now

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dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

dr.fone - Transfer (iOS)

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dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video, and more between your Android devices and computers.

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