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window icon If you need it for a Mac, please go to Mac version .
pc icon A monthly, quarterly, or yearly license is available for 1 computer.
ipad icon A monthly, quarterly, or yearly license is available for up to 5 devices.
free icon Free software update and technical support are included.
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1 Month License

1-5 Mobile Devices
1 PC
$9.95 /month
Auto-renewal. Cancel at any time.
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1 Quarter License

1-5 Mobile Devices
1 PC
$6.66 /month
Billed quarterly at $19.95.

1 Year License

1-5 Mobile Devices
1 PC
$4.99 /month
Billed annually at $59.95.
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See What Our Users Ask Frequently

  • Yes, Wondershare provides the free trial version for Virtual Location, it can be used for 2 hours for free after installing. You can fully evaluate all features prior to the purchase.

  • Wondershare values every customer and is committed to providing customers with satisfying products and services. Here is our refund policy.

  • It refers to that a license is available for up to 5 mobile devices and 1 PC/1 Mac. You are allowed to register on 1 PC/1 Mac and use this software on 5 devices. Once you try to use this software on the 6th device, you will receive a reminder that the device number limit is exceeded and then you need to re-purchase the products. But we also offer the Business License for 6-10, 11-15 devices or more, you can choose as needed.

  • The license cannot be cross-platform. Windows license can only be activated on Windows computers and Mac license can only be used on MacBook. If you move from a Mac to a Windows PC or a Windows PC to a Mac, the license will be invalid and the software will prompt you to buy again.

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